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People Logistics Solutions

Ginga fleets People logistics ERP application provides the right ingredients that is essential for any people transport solutions (Employee Transport Management System) provider. The integrated system makes it the perfect choice for both allied services as well as independent and pure employee transportation services.

Fleet Management Made Easy by Ginga fleets Fleet management is made easy with the help of Ginga fleets GINGA FLEETS , Ginga fleets TMS-ERP -people logistics management system that helps to master employee transportation logistics challenges.

In order to facilitate optimized personnel logistics, Ginga fleets offers a customizable employee transport management system that offers a single go-to solution. Ginga fleets enhances your employee transportation business management (Employee Transport Management System) by its various KPI's / KRI's. This includes trip scheduling, trip monitoring and trip performance system, that offers better operational control.

Benefits of using GINGA FLEETS from Ginga fleets Employee Transport Management System Better operational control, Customer and vendor management under the same umbrella, Periodical vehicle maintenance & management and Employee focus & performance. These facilitate a comfortable and easy work environment for your employees thereby increasing productivity and paving the way for business development.

People Logistics Application (Employee Transport Management System) from Ginga fleets enables to covers

• Employee Transportation Solutions

• Tours & Travel Transportations Solutions

• Cab Transportations Solutions

• Inbound and outbound logistics

• Operative necessities for fleet management

• Deviation reporting

• Timely and precise information

• Automated billing and reporting

• Data analytics

• Individual & corporate cab rental services management

• Cost analysis

• Fleet maintenance — repairs and services management

• Drivers' performance analysis

• Vehicles' performance analysis

Special Features of Ginga fleets Employee Transportation System Business Application

• Live feed and system alerts for cab pickups & missed pickups

• Real time tracking — GPS usage

• Enables routing and scheduling

• Employee cab usage details

• Delay predictions

• Electronic trip sheet

• Vendor vehicle tracking

• Mileage metering and tracking

• Special alerts for license renewal, insurance, servicing, etc.