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Automobile Transport Solution

Ginga fleets

With transportation companies finding it increasingly difficult to manage the transportation of individual shipments in the auto industry and manual entries becoming time consuming and prone to erroneous decisions and clarity less working environment; Ginga fleets automobile transport solutions [software], becomes the ultimate choice among TMS ERP solutions. Our Auto transport solutions offers a fully integrated solution that simplifies the process, offers real time tracking, facilitates invoicing, reporting, aids in fuel management, route management, reduces process costs and saves time.

Auto Transport Broker Software from Ginga fleets

Operational logistics may vary across different auto transportation companies and it is here that car carrier software solutions from Ginga fleets take the upper hand. Our Auto transport solutions helps to manage an auto shipment individually offering an end to end management solution. Developed on the basis of in-depth industry knowledge and expertise in the transportation industry, a Ginga fleet covers all the facets of the automobile transportation industry from budgeting to billing.

Ginga fleets Auto Transport Solutions [Business Software] Benefits

• End to end auto transport solution

• Aids in managing individual shipments

• Designed for simplicity and optimization

• Provides all information necessary for auto haul management

• Facilitates real time tracking

• Stores information on consignees, shippers, trailers, drivers, thereby eliminating redundancy

• Offers all documentation information required for each and every shipment

• Facilitates scheduling, movement monitoring and billing

• Automatic reminders for essential and statutory payments

• Specific auto hauler software entries to facilitate two wheeler and four wheeler transportation

• Specifications pertaining to mileage, transshipments, route diversions, etc., according to the type of vehicles and number of vehicles that can be transported in a single shipment

• Performance monitoring of shipments, drivers that include incentives and penalties

• Single point data entry — no duplications

• Auto calculations of diesel requirements and trip advances