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What is Ginga fleets?

Ginga fleets TMS-ERP offers deep industry functionality across the Transportation sectors, making costly customizations a thing of the past and allowing you to work both smarter and faster..

We offer solutions for the following sectors:

Truck Operation

• Truck Operation

• Trailer

• Cement carriers

• Parcel service


• Goods lorry

• Bike carrier

• Car carrier

• Chemical carrier

What you get?

The Ginga fleets TMS-ERP advantages, with Ginga fleets, you'll be able to..

Communicating: Streamline operations and get company-wide visibility.
Analyzing: Easily adapt to new transportation methods, changing customer requirements, and evolving business strategies.
Maximizing Profit: Get new services to market more quickly and profitably and Optimize bills and increase vehicle trips to increase efficiency on competitive market.
Satisfaction: Improve services quality and customer satisfaction.
More value-add: capabilities to reduce cost, increase revenues

More margin control than any other TMS

Key Features

• Easy access to centralized data

• End-to-End calculation of transport orders

• Assessment of profitability of offers

• KPI - based data analysis to support business process improvements

• All critical business information made accessible, enabling better decision-making

• Plenty of possibilities for tailor-made reporting

• Accessible anywhere, anytime

• Profitability

• 20% higher gross margins

• 20% higher customer retention

• 15% less inventory

• 17% higher perfect order scores

• 35% shorter cash-to-cycle times

• 30% increase in revenue

• 50% Working Capital

• 65% Improve New clients

• 68% Reduce Supplier Administration Cost

• 69% Reduce Compliance

• 71% Reduce Brand Risk

• 85% Improve Driver Efficiency