Reasons to consider transport management software – Ginga Fleets

A Transport Management Software (TMS) that allows Transport Company for Planning, Optimization, Execution

Improve Cash Flow

  • Better vehicle maintenance
  • Better Tyres maintenance
  • By Analyzing logistical route reduce expenses on fuel consumption and driver overtime

Integrated Planning and Execution

  • Making technology enables the system to plan and execute almost every transportation-related transaction from
  • Order creation / Vehicle Management / Driver Management with minimal human intervention.

Minimal Paperwork

  • Administrative expenses are reduced
  • Billing or invoice errors are minimized
  • Efficiency shoots up.

Supports Multi Branches / Users

GPS Trackers Integration

Find out the benefits of having Transport management software and how we can make use of the software. In this clip learn the features of the transport management software. India’s Leading fleet maintenance management software – Ginga Fleets. learn More –

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